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”The story”

Björn Falk, CEO and Martin Andersson, Marketing Manager are the duo who set up and now run DRT Solutions AB.

Since the 1980s, Björn and Martin have held a number or posts in a variety of organisations involved in public transport, taxi provision and demand-responsive transportation. Since the year 2000 or so, they have both been on the staff of Samres AB and in their work for the company have become pioneers in developing demand-responsive transportation in Sweden.

During their time at Samres, both have played a significant role in setting up a number of businesses and similar activities. Specific examples are school transport for children with special needs in Helsingborg, co-ordination of mobility services in Oslo, Norway, flexible transport in Dalarna, mixed demand-responsive and scheduled services, special scheduled patient services – to name but a few.

During this time, a lot has happened in terms of the technical possibilities, but it is only now very recently that we are seeing a veritable abundance of technical possibilities, creating huge potential for organising and administering modern demand-responsive transportation.

Given all the experience these two had acquired over the years and adding their passion for development, digitisation, new transport solutions, etc. into the bargain, DRT Solutions AB was born.

One of the very latest innovations devised by DRT Solutions, bringing together new technology and many years of experience, is SamCheck. SamCheck is a digital tool designed to make setting up new transportation agreements easier. SamCheck helps transportation companies keep a check on everything that needs to be included in new agreements, and the party that wins the contract can make sure that everything works OK once the agreement kicks off.

Martin Andersson & Björn Falk

Martin Andersson & Björn Falk

“Mobility for all as and when needed”

What does DRT Solutions offer?

DRT Solutions AB offers everything needed to organise demand-responsive transportation in a modern, safe and efficient way.

Report services, analyses, implementation of new transportation solutions, implementation of new administrative procedures, implementation of new technical solutions, transportation contract award procedures, delivery of a complete dispatch exchange or delivery of specific items relating to the use of a dispatch exchange.

DRT Solutions is part of the Samres Group.